Business Plan

Business Plan 2013/2014

The 2013/2014 year is full of opportunities for the businesses in the community to flourish and grow.  The Gillam Chamber of Commerce activities for the year will focus on 4 areas for improvement:  Retail Development, Community Pride, Engaging Our Youth and Chamber Membership.  

1.  Retail Development - Increase retail businesses and improve quality of life in the Town of Gillam. 

  • Chair Town Hall Meetings to inform and educate citizens of planned upgrades within our community.  The forum should include Chief of Fox Lake First Nation, Manitoba Hydro - Division Manager of Gen. North and the Mayor or CAO of the Town of Gillam. 
  • Advocate for an area of the mall to include setup of weekly/bi-weekly/monthly Farmers Market.  

2.  Community Pride - Develop and maintain a sense of ownership by all members of the community. 

  • Promote keeping our community clean.  Have a Spring and Fall event, use Community Justice Committee as resource for labour. 
  • Gillam Best Yard Contest. 
  • Christmas Yard Decoration Contest, categories for both businesses and residents. 
  • Complete short term repairs/cleaning to VIA Train Station, install informtion kiosk in station for tourists. 
  • Complete repairs to train and caboose at Bette Winner Park. 

3.  Engage Our Youth - Increase entrepreneurial activity with the youth of Gillam. 

  • Communicate Scholarship opportunities to graduating students in early fall.  Discuss essay compositions based on most viable (or most creative) future business ventures that students foresee.  

4.  Chamber Membership - Attract and retain all businesses in the Town of Gillam to the Chamber. 

  • Invite all Businesses and persons interested to join and participate. 
  • Have guest speakers/ subject matter experts present on business topics at our meetings.
  • Members welcome to do promo minute about business, new information.   
Future Speakers -Fred Palmer, CSA on Chamber Insurance Program