Leisure Activities


With Gillam's numerous lakes, rivers, and streams in the surrounding area, fishing is a very popular sport. Some types of fish you might expect to lure here are: Walleye, Perch, Northern Pike, Sauger, Goldeye, Mooneye, Whitefish, Sucker, Silver Bass, Brook Trout, Sturgeon, Mariah, and Carp. 
To find out more about Manitoba's seasons and fishing regulations, consult the Manitoba Fishing/Hunting guide or visit Manitoba Conservation located on the second level of the Town of Gillam Building on Railway Ave. Licenses may be purchased from Conservation or from the Gillam Insurance Agency located in the Town Mall. 


Home to big game such as caribou, moose & bear, Gillam is a hunter's paradise. Also in the area are ptarmigan, grouse, Canadian geese, rabbit and wolf. Consult your hunting guide for specific seasons and limits or contact Manitoba Conservation by phone at 204-652-2273 or in person at 323 Railway Ave (second floor of the Town of Gillam Building). 


Gillam has many streams, rivers, and lakes in its surrounding area for all canoe lovers. This is a sport done here at your own risk.

Parks & Playgrounds:

Spend the afternoon with your family and friends enjoying a picnic basket of good food and fun activities at one of our community parks.

Pumphouse Beach:

Located 2 km from town the Pumphouse Beach is a favorite place to spend a sunny afternoon. While relaxing in the sun enjoy a cold drink and don't forget your sun screen! 


With hundreds of miles of groomed trails, Gillam is a prime location for the snowmobile lover. Enjoy endless lakes of unspoiled powder snow and beautiful scenic bush trails. If you're more of a summer time person, come ride the numerous surrounding trails or rip around the Esker hills just minutes from town. You can't miss the Annual Boggy River Riders ATV Poker Derby in the Spring! Prepare for plenty of water & loads of fun! 

Hydro Dams:

There are three large hydroelectric dams in the Gillam area. Come for a guided tour through one of these breathtaking facilities. You will see how it works from the inside out and be amazed at just how much goes into one of these massive structures.

Recreation Centre:

  • Rec Programmer is located at the Rec Centre - office is located near the front of the building as you come inside. Contact Delanie Allan at 204-652-7226 or email dallan@townofgillam.com
  • Bette Winner Public library - head librarian, Dawna McDonald at 204-652-2617 or email library@townofgillam.com

Wapusk National Park:

Located in the Churchill ( "Canada's Polar Bear capital") region, Wapusk is only a train ride from Gillam. While in the area go Polar Bear gazing in the tundra buggy or visit the rugged site of Canada's tundra. Of course Churchill is a must see. "If you have come as far North as Gillam, you may as well go all the way!" Watching the Polar Bears or riding with the Whales is an experience you will never forget! For more information check out the Churchill website at www.townofchurchill.ca or call the administration office at (204) 675-8871.

Other Sports:

There are many other activities you can do in Gillam. A few of these are: cross-country, skiing, camping, boating, baseball, soccer, badminton, snowshoeing & tobogganing.