Update #2 - November 8, 2019

November 8, 2019
After the ice was put in this year, we discovered that we had large areas separating.  The cause of this is that there is still some soot and ash from the fire still embedded into the concrete surface where ice is made.  The soot contains petroleum (oil), which causes the water/ice not to bond to the concrete surface.  Because the ice is not bonding, it makes it dangerous to skate on due to a high possibility of a crack forming or a chunk of the surface breaking out causing an injury.  The surface has been acid washed twice in hopes that it would be enough to get the ice to bond.
Our insurance company was contacted and they in turn informed the qualified professionals (engineer, 2 different contractors) of the problems we are experiencing.  We are expecting to see them in the community very soon.  Additionally, contact was made with other ice experts (NHL Ice Experts) from different areas across Canada that have experience with troubleshooting ice problems.  Through alot of photos and conversation they walked us through a couple of possible solutions. In the end, our attempts were unsuccessful and they concluded we had an oil problem.
These issues are now in the hands of engineers and contractors to formulate a plan to fix the problem.  There are several different options and an update will be made once one is chosen and a time frame is attached.
There is one compressor left to replace on the ice plant.  It will be in Gillam on the week of November 18th and installed shortly afterwards.  As of today, the ice plant is running well.  We are currently putting in the curling ice.  It is painted white and sealed.  The rings and final flooding will be going on through next week.  An update will be posted once it is ready.  Thank you for your continued patience.
For any inquiries as to the current daily status, please contact Tom Zelenesky, Town Superintendent (tzelenesky@townofgillam.com or 204-652-7229).