Message From MB Hydro

Safety Near Dams

Gillam and the Nelson River are home to a number of Manitoba's Hydro's hydroelectric generating stations.

*Be alert. When enjoying the great outdoors near a hydroelectric station, or overflow weir, make sure you"

  • Obey all warning signs, fences, booms, buoys and barriers. These devices are used to keep the public away from Dangerous Waterway Zones. 
  • Never anchor a boat to a dam or generating station. Operation of the station can result in rapidly changing water levels and flows can take you by surprise swamping your boat or putting you in the grip of an undertow.
  • Do not boat next to closed spillway gates (the part of the dam that is movable to allow excessive water to pass the station) as these can be opened at any time. 
  • Watch out for the many dangerous areas above and below hydro generating stations where the water is flowing very fast and currents are unpredictable. The rocks next to these areas are frequently wet and slippery. Falling in at these locations could be fatal. 
  • Stay off hydroelectric dams or station structures unless clearly indicated as a public walkway.
  • Be aware of the water level and alert to increasing river flows or rising water levels when swimming, fishing or boating in a river that has a dam. Listen for the sound of a horn at a generating station indicating the spillway is opening and a change in water flow is about to happen. 

In Winter 

  • Avoid snowmobiling near hydroelectric dams and generating stations where fluctuating water levels and currents may result in unstable ice conditions.

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