School Gillam School Supply List for 2016-2017 Grade 7 & 8 Supplies

Grade 7- 8 School Supply List



Not all supplies are needed on the first day.  Please keep extras at home.  Supplies should be labeled with the student’s name.


Two or four 2” binders 

1 pkg of 8 subject dividers

4 packs of Loose-leaf paper (400 sheets each) = 1600 sheets

1 pack (50 sheet) centimeter graph paper

10 duotangs 

1 scientific calculator (MUST HAVE)

1 protractor

24 pencils (or if mechanical, select a lead size no greater than 7 mm)

12 blue pens (no gel pens)

2 red pens

3 dry white out

2 different coloured highlighters

1 ruler

4 white erasers

24 pack pencil crayons

12 pack fine tip markers

2 large glue sticks

1 locker shelf (optional)

1 pair of scissors

1 pencil sharpener

Backpack/book bag

Lock for locker

1 package of large ziplock bags

1 box of kleenex

$20 for Home Ec/Art/Industrial Art fee (payment to Gillam School; receipts will be issued)

1 GB (or larger) USB Flash drive (MUST HAVE) 


Physical Education Class:

Indoor Running shoes (it is important that the shoe’s soles leave no marks and that the students are able to tie them on their own).

o  Change of clothes (grades 5 to 8)


Health Education Class:

o  1-inch binder labeled Health Class

o  200 sheets of paper

o  pencil and eraser



o  1 duotang or binder

o  100 sheets of paper

o  Pen/pencil/eraser/colouring pencils/markers