School Gillam School Supply List for 2018-2019 Grade 7 & 8 Supplies

Grade 7- 8 School Supply List



Not all supplies are needed on the first day.  Please keep extras at home.  Supplies should be labeled with the student’s name.


For All Classes

    Two 2” binders

    1 pkg of 8 subject dividers

    2 packs of Loose-leaf paper (400 sheets each) = 1600 sheets

    1 pack (50 sheet) centimeter graph paper

    3 duotangs

    1 scientific calculator (MUST HAVE)

    1 protractor

    48 pencils (or if mechanical, select a lead size no greater than 7 mm)

    12 blue pens (no gel pens)

    2 red pens

    3 dry white out

    2 different coloured highlighters

    1 ruler

    4 white erasers

    24 pack pencil crayons

    12 pack fine tip markers

    2 large glue sticks

    1 locker shelf (optional)

    1 pair of scissors

    1 pencil sharpener

    Backpack/book bag

    Lock for locker

    $20 for Home Ec/Art/Industrial Art fee (payment to Gillam School; receipts will be issued)

    SD Card for Photography (Optional)


Physical Education Class:

Indoor Running shoes (it is important that the shoe’s soles leave no marks and that the students are able to tie them on their own).

    Change of clothes (grades 5 to 8)


Health Education Class:

    1-inch binder labeled Health Class



    1 duotang or binder