School Gillam School Supply List for 2018-2019 Grade 1 & 2 Supplies

Grade 1-2 School Supply List




o  2 packs of dry erase markers (any colour, thick tips)

o  2 boxes of Kleenex (not labeled)

o  1 pencil case

o  1 pencil box

o  1 pencil sharpener with shaving container

o  4 white gum erasers

o  6 large glue sticks (i.e. UHU sticks or Elmer’s brand)

o  1 highlighter

o  1 pkg. 24 pencil crayons

o  2 primary writing booklets (pages ½ lined ½ blank)

o  2 lined spiral-bound notebooks (i.e. Hilroy 200 pages, 10 ½” x 8”)

o  3 twin-pocket portfolio art folders (letter size)

o  1 large spiral bound art scrapbook

o   1 Painting smock


Other Items:

o  Standard size backpack

o  snack bag

o  1 pair of over the ears headphones (please avoid purchasing ear-buds as they do not fit the students well, and are easily tangled)

o  water bottle (spill-proof preferred)

o  Indoor running shoes (No laces unless your child can tie. No black soles.)


Please organize supplies as follows:

Pencil box: sharpened pencil crayons

Pencil case: 3 pencils, eraser, glue stick

Please tape the bottom of the box of crayons for durability. Please place the remaining items in a large Ziploc bag with your child’s name. Extra supplies will be stored safely for your child until they are needed.