Town Zoning By-Law
A zoning by-law is a tool used by the Town to implement development plan policies and typically represents what is "on the ground", and generally regulates the use of the land and the use and location of buildings and structures.
The Province of Manitoba requires every municipality in to adopt a zoning by-law which must divide the municipality into zones prescribe the permitted and conditional uses for the land and buildings in each zone; and set out the procedure for applying for and issuing development permits, non-conforming certificates, zoning memoranda and other similar documents.
The Development Plan is a more general document than the Zoning By-Law.  For example, a development plan might designate an area as "residential", while the zoning by-law might indicate the specific residential use, like multi-family or single family dwelling units.  The Zoning By-law usually requires specific building standards such as height, location, yard sizes, parking etc.