Town Development Plan
The Town of Gillam, along with Dillon Consulting Limited, worked  with community members, stakeholders, and provincial partners to create a Development Plan that outlines the future growth of the community and area. The plan was built on the existing Development Plan for the Town of Gillam.
Adopted by the Town of Gillam and approved by the Province of Manitoba, the Development Plan will direct future development and land and resource use in the community.
The Gillam Development Plan aligns with The Planning Act and Provincial Land Use Policies, ensuring development respects the province’s priorities for land use planning in Manitoba.

Gillam Development Plan (July 2012)


Appendix A – Plan Designations


Map 1
Municipality of Gillam
Map 2
Community of Gillam
Map 3
Fox Lake Indian Reserve

Appendix B – Growth Strategy 


Map 1
Conceptual Growth Strategy

Table 1
Growth Areas