Business Chamber of Commerce Business Plan
Business Plan 2013/2014
The 2013/2014 year is full of opportunities for the businesses in the community to flourish and grow.  The Gillam Chamber of Commerce activities for the year will focus on 4 areas for improvement:  Retail Development, Community Pride, Engaging Our Youth and Chamber Membership. 
1.  Retail Development
                Goal - Increase retail businesses and improve quality of life in the Town of Gillam.
Strategies -
a)  Chair Town Hall Meetings to inform and educate citizens of planned upgrades within our community.  The forum should include Chief of Fox Lake First Nation, Manitoba Hydro - Division Manager of Gen. North and the Mayor or CAO of the Town of Gillam.
b)  Advocate for an area of the mall to include setup of weekly/bi-weekly/monthly Farmers Market. 
2.  Community Pride
                Goal - Develop and maintain a sense of ownership by all members of the community.
Strategies -
a)  Promote keeping our community clean.  Have a Spring and Fall event, use Community Justice Committee as resource for labour.
b)  Gillam Best Yard Contest.
c)  Christmas Yard Decoration Contest, categories for both businesses and residents.
d)  Complete short term repairs/cleaning to VIA Train Station, install informtion kiosk in station for tourists.
e)  Complete repairs to train and caboose at Bette Winner Park.
3.  Engage Our Youth
                Goal - Incrase entrepreneurial activity with the youth of Gillam.
a)  Communicate Scholarship opportunities to graduating students in early fall.  Discuss essay compositions based on most viable (or most creative) future business ventures that students foresee. 
4.  Chamber Membership
                Goal - Attract and retain all businesses in the Town of Gillam to the Chamber.
a)  Invite all Businesses and persons interested to join and participate.
b)  Have guest speakers/ subject matter experts present on business topics at our meetings.
c)  Members welcome to do promo minute about business, new information.  
Future Speakers -
- Fred Palmer, CSA on Chamber Insurance Program