Business Chamber of Commerce
Chamber of Commerce Gillam Chapter is an affiliate of the Manitoba Chamber of Commerce.  The primary role of the chamber, as stated in our mission statement, is to promote businesses and services in town and to foster development of the Town of Gillam.
The Gillam Chamber of Commerce has open membership for all businesses and service providers.  A fee to join the organization is currently set at $25.00 per person representing a business.  Board members elected to conduct the chamber's affairs on behalf of its membership are elected annually by members. 
The list of the 2014/2015 elected executive is as follows:
President, Alex Muzyczka
Vice-President, Ken Hill
Treasurer, Janice MacDonald
Recording Secretary, Sherry Randall
Board Member, Dolores Hessian
Board Member, Lana Minary
Board Member, Val Beardy